Saturday, June 21, 2008


The Creative School put on their annual Mother's Day Tea for the mom's in the blue room and purple room. Each mother received the cutest invitation from their child. The kids were adorable as they marched in for their performance that day. Abby sat next to Gavin and Anna, our neighborhood friends. They sang several songs for us. My favorite was "peanut, peanut butter and jelly". Abby sang so good and seemed to be having a blast. She was very intent on watching Ms. Wiggins so she would not make a mistake. After the kids sang, they were each sent to get the crosage they made for their mother and put it on their wrist, mine was sunflowers. After that we had tea that the kids made and snacks. When all the food was eaten, especially the candy they made for us, the mother's were presented with their gifts. We all recieved sweet handpainted pictures using their feet and hands as the flowers and stems. Abby's is adorable and I cant wait to get it hung up. It was a sweet time and a reminder at how quickly she is growing up. I cannot believe that she will be in Kindergarten next year. It is truly mindboggling that the time has gone by so fast.

Abby's class is in the front row

Abby's smile is my favorite!

Anna M., Abby and Gavin. Aren't they adorable.

"Peanut, Peanut Butter and Jelly"

After the tea, Abby went to the store with me and helped me pick out things for the baby Paige. She was such a big help and loved scanning the items for our list. She picked out some cute clothes for her and I let her buy Paige a toy and some books. Abby you are going to be a great big sister to Paige, you already are so good with Mia. Paige is going to be so glad that you are hers. What a great end to a great Mother's Day time.


These pictures make me laugh because somewhere out there are pictures of Abby doing the same thing. I came in to wake Mia up from her nap and this is how I found her bed. Loaded down with anything and everything she could find in the room. I especially love the stroller. I wonder what went through her mind after I tucked her in. Then I think, how did she sleep with all this stuff on there. Somehow, she did though and woke up happy as a lark. I just cant tell you enough Mia that you make me laugh and bring such humor into our lives.


I am playing catch up from the first of May, so here goes. Greg's friend Ryan and his family came into town for a visit so we planned a Berryville Boys get together. These Berryville Boys are the guys that Greg grew up with, he met Ryan as a four year old. In other words these boys go way back. Anyway, now that we have all had kids we figured it was time to get them together. Between Ryan, Chad, Matt, John and Greg there are 12 kids. I am not sure who had a better time, the kids or the boys. Abby and Mia love having everyone over (ok, so maybe not Mia, but eventually she warmed up). We had a blast with Ty and Nate, Lauren and baby Grace, Sam, Kate and baby John and Ruby and baby Jane. They played baseball, croquet, slid down the slide forever and jumped in the bouncy. The kids got along great and so did the parents. It is fun to see how life has changed for all of us. I cant wait till these kids are old enough to hear the Berryville dad's tell their stories. . . or at least some of them.. . I know the moms are tired of hearing them by now. HA HA HA. GO BERRYVILLE BOBCATS

Kate B., Mia, Lauren B. and Sam B. all coming down the slide at the same time. LOVE THE SMILES.