Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well at least I wont have to change the name of the blog! I had my ultrasound yesterday and we discovered that there was another Thurman girl on the way. We, okay more me, were a little surprised (I really thought it would be a boy) but happy that she appears healthy and strong. We got a big kick out of watching her on the screen. I know that Abby and Mia were not as active in their big debut as this one was. She moved nonstop. Paige Alan Thurman will be here before we know it. I am thankful for God's plans in our life. I know that Abby was meant to be the oldest of three, Mia the middle child and Paige the youngest. They are our daughters and I am overwhelmed that I am chosen to be their mom. Parenting them can be such a daunting task and I get so overwhelmed some times because all I want in the end is for them to be Godly women when they grow up. So Abby, Mia and Paige know that my hearts desire is to train you up in God's ways, to enjoy your childhood and love you with all my heart. Here's to the Thurman three!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I think the last time I wrote was just after Thanksgiving. I realize that has been over three months, almost four. Shortly after my last post we had a bit of a surprise. . . in that we found out I was pregnant with baby number three. Shortly after that baby number three decided I ought to find out what morning sickness is like since I did not have that wonderful experience with Abby or Mia. That being said I spent the rest of December and most of January on my couch or in bed and puking at all hours of the day. I am not quite sure how we survived, I still have much guilt that Abby and Mia will remember the things they have seen (mommy on all fours puking on the laundry room floor) and my lack of patience and will have to have much therapy to recover. People say kids are resilient. . . I sure hope so.
I dont remember much of Christmas, I think the girls liked their presents. I do know I will never ever cook that particular pork tenderloin again! We had to cancel our big family trip to Florida over Christmas but were able to reschedule that trip with just our four in February.

Disney is always fun and the girls have a blast. I will, however, not spend ten days in a motel room with the four of us for quite a while. Who needs bedtime when you are on vacation. . . HA HA HA. Mia loved riding the carousel and Abby loved the Peter Pan ride and Soaring. We were able to eat dinner in Cinderella's Castle, which was fantastic. I think Greg and I loved that the most. The weather was just what we needed, sunny and warm. We were able to swim several days and Greg and Abby played some golf. Abby loves to be out there with her dad. We also got to take the girls over to Cocoa Beach and play for a while. The girls loved chasing the sea gulls and collecting shells. I love Florida in the winter!

Easter was the next big event for us and we had a great time. We headed to the Fort for our annual Easter doings at my parents. The girls wore dresses that my mother made for me and Katie when we were their age. The could not have looked cuter. We hunted more eggs than I can count. In fact my kitchen counter currently looks like the Easter Bunny's factory. I know none of us need that much candy but just dont know what to do with it. Any suggestions? Ha.

Well that catches you up for now. Girls, when you read this some day know that while there may be some gaps in this blog it does not mean that there are any gaps in the wonderful experiences that I have with you. Abby, in this span of time you have gotten your first loose tooth and we are waiting for that sucker to come out. Mia, you gave up your BoBo and have not stopped talking since. We said goodbye to Max, the sweetest dog in the world, who from the very first night you were at Honey's house always slept right outside your door to protect you. He was precious. Things are changing in our life quickly, but I am trying to stop and smell the roses with you two. I love you. MOM