Saturday, October 25, 2008

12 Weeks old

You are 12 weeks old. I cannot beleive how quickly the time has flown by. You are such a good baby. You are sleeping through the night (YIPPPPEEE) and taking ok naps during the day. Bless your little heart, you spend a lot of time in the car seat, going from here to there and everywhere in between. You love the swing and being held by mom. You infuriate your father as he cant seem to figure out how to keep you calm. Dont worry, he will ge the hang of it. You have such a precious smile. Abby loves to help take care of you and Mia loves to play with you.
You are growing so fast. You have been to Silver Dollar City with all the cousins. Now that was a good trip. You love to be held by anyone, just as long as they dont put you down. You hate being put on your stomach and love walking around and looking at the world. We love you.

Little Sisters Rock!
Honey and Paige

Hanging in the car seat at Olive Garden

Silver Dollar City

Just Chillin
Grandma and Paige

You are adorable. Is that a red tint to your hair I see? We could only be so lucky.

Paige and Mia


The rest of August was spent adjusting to everything new. A new baby, a new school, oh and a newly potty trained three year old. . why not. We are up everyday now and at least Abby is dressed by seven. Greg takes her to school most days. He loves it. I take her some days but almost always in my pjs. I just cant seem to do better than that yet. :) Paige is doing great. She is still in that sleep all the time mode and I am reminded by everyone that I talk with about it that I will miss these days. . . .they were right.
Mia is missing her sister something awful. It just didn't dawn on me that Mia would be so affected by Abby going to kindergarten. But she has lost her playmate and that makes her sad. However, she does like playing big sister to Paige. . . if only I could just get her to stop touching her all the time. Did I mention we are adjusting. :)

My Girls!
My crazy family.

Mia and Paige resting together. . . PRECIOUS.

First Bath. . she loves them when she gets them.

All clean.

Hanging out in Mia's bed.


Nothing like a good summer rain to play in.

Paige hanging out in the bouncy seat.

Absolutley beautiful.

Big sister, little sister time.

Mia, why were we ever worried about you becoming the middle child. You are destined to entertain us all.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Abby started kindergarten at Happy Hollow on August 6, 2008. It seems like yesterday that she was born. We have been so busy with Paige that this has come tooo fast. You are ready though. We have the back pack, the clothes, and the school supplies. But more than anything you are ready for the challenge, the new friends, the learning and the fun. Abby, you are going to do awesome in school. You will love it and will excel in it. You will have fun and make friends that you will have wonderful experiences with. We are so excited for you and for other people to get to know you and how precious you are. What a wonderful adventure you are starting. Thanks for letting mommy and daddy come along for the ride.

The night before. The backpack is stocked with school supplies and the lunch is ready to be packed. ANTICIPATION. . .
Abby and her cousins hung up her clothes for the first day. I wonder how long that will last. . .
Abby is so excited.
All dressed and ready to go. Could she be any cuter.
Mommy and Abby. . . I am not sure if I am ready to let her go.
In front of the school. . . She was so not wanting me to take her picture.
Breakfast in the cafeteria. She wasnt going to eat until she saw all the other kids eating. We had to bum money off the McCredy's for her. Ok, so we werent as prepared as we thouht. HA.
Anna and Abby sitting at their table.

Mrs. Lopez is handing out their nametags. She is their teacher and is the best.

Abby in a sea of kindergarteners.

A new webkinz to celebrate Abby's first day of kindergarten. I could not be any prouder of her. WAY TO GO ABBY!

HOME . . . Life with three begins

Paige is home and life with three begins. Thank goodness for Honey. She stayed for the first several nights and took the evening feedings. It was wonderful. Abby and Mia cannot get enough of Paige. They want to hold her all the time. I sleep alot due to the pain medication but things gradually get better. Again, thank goodness for Honey.
Paige welcome to our life. What was it like before you? I am amazed at how God's plan unfolds and at how peaceful life seems when you are in it. Paige, you, Mia and Abby are part of His wonderful plan for me and your daddy. Eleven years ago, we would have never thought this is where we would be. Three beautiful girls! Amazing.

Paige is introduced to the best seat in the house. . . .Daddy's recliner.
Getting ready to go to the Doctor for your first checkup.

Abby feeding Paige and loving every minute of it.

Mia and Paige. . .these two are going to get into some trouble.


July 30, 2008
The day that Paige is to arrive. We have waited for nine months to see what this little one will look like.. . . . .
Mom waiting to be taken back to the OR.
PAIGE IS HERE!!!!!! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL. All I could think when I heard her cry was thank you Jesus for such a sweet sound! Eight pounds even and looks just like her sisters.
I see her for the first time
Greg feeding our third girl. He is the best Girls's daddy in the world.Big Sister Abby is in heaven.

The girls see her for the first time. They both have on shirts that say BIG SISTERS ROCK.
Greg and his Girls. . . .He is in heaven.
JD, Megan, Abby, Mia and Paige. . . Cousins. JD is our only boy.

Julia brings the other cousins by, Elizabeth and Allison... . the oldest two of the Thurman cousin clan. We range from age 1o all the way to newborn. What a blessing from God.
Uncle Bop drives all the way from Quincy to see his new niece. Thanks Bop.
Paige your birth was another miracle. You were born healthy and with quite a set of lungs. Rumor has it you screamed for over an hour and the nurses were quite impressed with the sound. Your Honey, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt JuJu, Uncle Dwight, Aunt B and Aunt KK were all there to see you that day. Aunt B and Aunt KK were such big help to me and with the girls. I am the luckiest sister to have them and you are the luckiest niece. So many people came to see you, our third Thurman girl. You have dark hair, which I am sure will turn blonde and you can suck down your bottle in no time flat. Thank you Jesus for Paige and for the plan that you have for our family. Paige, WELCOME! We are a crazy, imperfect, precious, blessed family, and I think you will have the time of your life being a part of it. We love you little one.


June is a big month for us. Greg and Mia both have birthdays and we also celebrate our anniversary. This year was eleven years. Greg turned thirty five and Mia turned 3.

We had a great time celebrating her birthday with family and friends. It was an outdoor party in the backyard. . . .is there any better way to celebrate a summer birthday. Her big present was a bike from us, she still hasnt gotten the hang of it, but it is hers.

Mia, you love playing with your sister, reading books and watching way too much tv. You still crawl up in your daddy's lap and drink your chocolate milk. You will always be our baby, even after Paige gets here. You will be a great big sister. We love you more and more each day. Your laughter is so contagious. You are mischevious and we find it hard to get on to you for the things that you should not be doing. You are an absolute delight to us.

The rest of June was spent preparing for Paige and swimming at the pool as much as possible. Abby learned how to ride her bike without training wheels. GOOD JOB ABBY. Time in the backyard was well spent. My sweet friends hosted a shower for Paige and me. I love getting together with friends and eating! Paige received such precious gifts from our friends. We are so blessed.