Friday, April 25, 2008


We played out back the other night and Greg and I both took time working with Abby and her t-ball skills. While Abby and Greg were playing catch, Mia decided she wanted to have a go at hitting off the T. She would hit the ball and then take off running the "bases", just like Abby. It was hilarious. She really does want to be just like Abby. She loves her big sister. . . most days. . .and loves to do the same things. She asks me all the time how old does she need to be to play t-ball or go to dance or ride a bike. They fight like cats and dogs but they wouldnt know what to do without each other. I wonder how this third little girl will fit in with Abby and Mia's world. It will be interesting to see. Mia, you are a delight to watch. Thanks for making your daddy and me laugh!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Abby and the Arvest Blue Jays

Abby has started spring t-ball this year. Yeah, our first team sport. She plays for the Arvest Blue Jays. Saturday was our first game of the season. The kids did great, especially since most of our practices got rained out. It really was lots of fun to watch the kids try and figure it all out. This league does not keep score or count outs and each kid gets a bat every inning. It is all about teaching the fundamentals. We have a long but fun way to go. Hats off to our coaches who take the time with these kids. Handling that many five year olds is quite a challenge.

Abby was all ready to go in her uniform. Could she be any cuter!!!!

Up for her first bat. Yes, her batting helmet and her bat are pink. She picked them out. She looks like the Elle Woods of the t-ball league. (Legally Blonde)

Her first swing and she has a hit. Off to first base which was manned by a friend from school. You should have seen the little grin she gave him when she got to the base. No competition here....whatever.
Abby on third. Bless her little heart, it was so cold. She is asking the coach if she can get her coat from me after she scores.
Abby is the middle child in the picture. First time to take the field. It was a little confusing but she did great.



I have posted a lot about Abby lately, namely because it was her birthday and because she has had a lot of firsts this month. I do have a few pics of Mia that have made us laugh. She is definitely growing up fast. She makes us laugh and pull out our hair all in the same minute. I love to hear her talk about "our baby" and when she says her name, "Paige Alan" I could about cry. The other day she was looking at all the ultrasound pictures and was describing the pictures to me. "Here is the head, her back, her foot. . etc." It was precious and I know that she will be a great middle child who loves both her sisters very much. So much will change for her this year. Abby will be off to school five days a week and a new baby will be moving into Mia's old room. It does make me sad sometimes, I just dont want her left out. Mia, however, will never let herself be left out. She asserts herself without any problem. I do love her and her personality.

Mia got mad at us for something the other day, honestly none of us could figure out what we had done. She headed to her room and closed the door. I found her in her chair and she informed me she was reading her Bible. Notice the little pout on her face. At least she went to her Bible for some comfort.
Mia came in to the kitchen all ready for bed in this pic. We love the pjs and the headband is the best part of the outfit. Honestly, the pictures do not do it any justice. I kept trying to get her to let me take a picture, but she would not look up at me. Finally after some bribing, I got her to. I love the hands clasped to her chest. Mia, you never fail to make me and daddy laugh. You have your own style, your own timing and definitely your own sense of humor. You can defy me with a look one minute, run off and hide when I call you the next and then curl up next to me with your NiNi and warm my heart. You still let me and daddy hold you when you have woken up from sleep. You are our baby still in so many ways but are growing into this little girl so quickly. I can hardly believe that you will be three this summer. Thank you for what you bring to our family and thank you God that you let her be a part of our family. She is priceless!



Sunday March 30th, Abby lost her first tooth. Daddy and Abby went into the bathroom and about five minutes later she came out and showed me the tooth. She did not cry at all. I am so proud of her and of Greg. He is much braver than me. The whole idea of pulling out something that is attached to bone and gums about makes me sick. Greg had a great moment as a father. Abby was a champ! We found my old tooth fairy pillow and attached a little envelope to it and put it by her pillow for the tooth fairy to come. She could not stop smiling or sticking her tongue into the hole and feeling it. She said it felt weird. Then there were several questions about what the tooth fairy actually does with the teeth she takes home. I had few ideas but Abby thinks that she makes them into stars. . . .saved by her imagination. After tucking her in, she fell asleep quickly and the next morning she came running into our room with her sweet grin and informed us the tooth fairy had come. She left Abby a note and two dollars. Another first for Abby... you sure are keeping us on our toes these days. We love you.

The puller and the patient.
All done and no tears!
Look mom, here is my tooth.
Waiting for the tooth fairy.


On Sunday we got together with the Thurman family and the Myers family to have a birthday bowling party for Abby. It has been a long time since we were all together. My girls are blessed beyond measure to have a family like ours. We always have a great time together. Bop was the winner of the games. My mom, Kristine, Julia and I think all the kids beat Greg. There was some intense competition. Both Aunt KK and Aunt JuJu sustained some minor injuries from the party, but have recovered nicely. . .DONT CROSS THE FOUL LINE!!! It was a good ending to Abby's birthday weekend.

JD and Megan made sure that ABBY was set with Webkinz. The elephant was named Horton after the movie we went and saw with them. Thanks JD and Megan.
MaMa, Grandaddy and Liz and Allison hooked Abby up with accessories for her American Girl doll that she got from us. Abby was all about the brush, clothes and ice skates.
Honey and PaPa got Abby the Barbie Mariposa movie she had been asking for.
Abby giving us her sweet smile at the bowling alley.
Dwight and Ma Ma discuss strategy. KK gets ready for a bowl and Julia looks like she is getting ready to warm up.
Abby watches as Liz helps Mia bowl. What would we do without the cousins!
Greg and Julia catch up. Abby requested that daddy wear his "Africa" shirt to bowl in. He actually got it in Jamaica. . . oh well.
Uncle Bop whips all of us. Not sure if he will be invited back. You know we are kidding BOP.


BOP, this is a shout out to you!!!!

I think, well I know, that we have waited almost five years for this picture. For those of you who dont know, Bop (Jerod) is my brother in law, married to Brooke for almost three years now. They live in Illinois, so we dont see them that often. He has been around since before Abby was born. For at least the first three years of Abby's life, maybe a little longer, we could hardly get Abby to look at Bop. She was uncharicteristically shy around him and honestly if a three year old can have a crush on someone, she did on him. Anyway, she has come around slowly but surely. The icebreaker was when we told her that Bop could fix her broken Ken doll and she called him and asked him to fix it for her. He came down with some crazy glue and fixed him right up. Things have oblviously gotten better for the two. Mia has also been slow to hop on the Bop bandwagon, but she has not been as shy. Anyway, Bop and B came home for Abby's birthday party. This picture was taken after naptime. Mia had already planted herself on Bops lap and they had been snuggling for quite a while when Abby decided she needed to join them. I think it is one of my most favorite pics of the girls now. I think that baby Paige wont need anytime to get used to hanging out in Uncle Bop's lap. We love you Uncle Bop!!!
Uncle Bop and B drove nine hours to hang out with us for Abby's fifth birthday. We sure do love them.


Abby turned 5 this year. It is truly amazing how quickly this birthday has come and gone. It is such a milestone for her and for us. Five means kindergarten, five days a week, new experiences, new influences. Our days of two day a week school and the freedom to do what we want to most days are coming to an end. But the excitement of school and Abby's new experiences are just beginning and we look forward in anticipation to the adventure! Back to the birthday.

Abby had been asking since about November, which is when Anna turned five, for a Hannah Montana birthday. Well you know that we obliged! We really had a good time getting it ready for her. We cleaned out the upstairs playroom, made a backdrop, borrowed the McCredy's stage, Elizabeth and Allison's karaoke machine and got ready to party. She had five of her friends over to celebrate. Anna, Claire, Jessica, Caroline and Lauren. I am telling you we had a great time. The girls made rock start leather bracelets with Aunt KK and Aunt B and then we headed upstairs for some singing and dancing. Rebecca had given me the great idea of having blow up guitars for them and the girls loved them. It was crazy but oooooh so worth it. Abby had a great time.

Abby is getting the mic ready for her debut. She was so excited to see the stage and the decorations. Of course Hannah Montana and High School Musical were at the top of the playlist!

The girls took a break from the partying to have some cake. Abby insisted on chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. I love that about her.

Claire, Abby, Becca and Mia are rocking out. Abby has on a birthday necklace that she got while in Florida. I cannot believe that she remembered to put it on.


Opening presents. I love this pic because since Abby's first birthday Anna has been right next to her opening her presents with her. I serioulsy have five years of at least one picture just like this. Anna, I hope you are there for many many more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY

Sunday, April 6, 2008



I am going a little out of order today because I dont have all my pictures up yet but I had to write about a few things that the Abby has done lately. The other day she and I were having a talk about private parts. . . there is a longer story, but we wont get into it. Anyway, I mentioned that girl's "chests" are also considered private and she looked at me and said as serioulsy as she could "mom, no they aren't, boobs dont poop or pee." I about rolled out of her bed and later could not stop laughing at her logic. Ah, the things they will say. Then today we were talking to her about getting a dog or rather the fact that we did not have one. I told her that some day we would absolutely have a dog and she looked at me and said no we wont mom. I said Abby why do you think that and she said because I just know, I have visions. Greg and I looked at each other and could not stop laughing at her. I think we have probably watched enough "That's so raven" for now.
Anyway, she just gets me tickled and when I share these little stories with my mom, she says you need to write them down. So I guess I have for all the world to see. Sorry Abby:)