Saturday, October 25, 2008

12 Weeks old

You are 12 weeks old. I cannot beleive how quickly the time has flown by. You are such a good baby. You are sleeping through the night (YIPPPPEEE) and taking ok naps during the day. Bless your little heart, you spend a lot of time in the car seat, going from here to there and everywhere in between. You love the swing and being held by mom. You infuriate your father as he cant seem to figure out how to keep you calm. Dont worry, he will ge the hang of it. You have such a precious smile. Abby loves to help take care of you and Mia loves to play with you.
You are growing so fast. You have been to Silver Dollar City with all the cousins. Now that was a good trip. You love to be held by anyone, just as long as they dont put you down. You hate being put on your stomach and love walking around and looking at the world. We love you.

Little Sisters Rock!
Honey and Paige

Hanging in the car seat at Olive Garden

Silver Dollar City

Just Chillin
Grandma and Paige

You are adorable. Is that a red tint to your hair I see? We could only be so lucky.

Paige and Mia

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Leppard said...

Ashley - she is so beautiful!! I loved seeing the pictures.