Saturday, October 25, 2008


The rest of August was spent adjusting to everything new. A new baby, a new school, oh and a newly potty trained three year old. . why not. We are up everyday now and at least Abby is dressed by seven. Greg takes her to school most days. He loves it. I take her some days but almost always in my pjs. I just cant seem to do better than that yet. :) Paige is doing great. She is still in that sleep all the time mode and I am reminded by everyone that I talk with about it that I will miss these days. . . .they were right.
Mia is missing her sister something awful. It just didn't dawn on me that Mia would be so affected by Abby going to kindergarten. But she has lost her playmate and that makes her sad. However, she does like playing big sister to Paige. . . if only I could just get her to stop touching her all the time. Did I mention we are adjusting. :)

My Girls!
My crazy family.

Mia and Paige resting together. . . PRECIOUS.

First Bath. . she loves them when she gets them.

All clean.

Hanging out in Mia's bed.


Nothing like a good summer rain to play in.

Paige hanging out in the bouncy seat.

Absolutley beautiful.

Big sister, little sister time.

Mia, why were we ever worried about you becoming the middle child. You are destined to entertain us all.

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