Thursday, April 30, 2009

9 months old

I am back for the moment!

Paige is nine months old today. How crazy is that. The last time I posted she was 12 weeks old. How fast the time has flown by! Paige is sitting up and reaching for everything. She hates being on her stomach, I mean hates it. Most likely this is why she is not crawling. She is reaching for everything and trying to scoot to what she cant reach. She would much rather stand than sit. She LOVES to pull my hair. She loves her food groups and cant get enough of the sweet potato puffs. She has her two bottom teeth. Every morning when we go in to get her she is smiling. I mean really every morning. She starts to kick her legs and reaches for us. She is saying dada and mama some. She laughs at her sisters when they are being silly, it is my most favorite sound. We have definitely hit the more difficult phase of the first year. She is not happy hanging out in her bouncy or on the floor while I try and get things done around the house or play with the other girls. She wants to have me around all the time. She spends a lot of time on my hip walking around the house or playing with the girls. We got her a swing for the swingset, she loves being in it. When we push her, her little feet move around feeling the breeze on them. She is such a joy to us and her sisters. I genuinely cannot believe that we are three months from her first birthday. Where did the time go.

Abby, Mia and Paige on the swings

Daddy and Paige at the Tulsa zoo.

Nine months old and eating cheerios

Seriously, could she be any cuter!!!

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katie said...

i love the pictures, but that last one is the best.